Production Crew

One of the appealing aspects of producing a show like CANADA FILES is that it doesn’t require a large production team. And that’s a huge relief when you’re compelled to raise the money for production through the generosity of private benefactors!

,,For a couple of our CANADA FILES interviews, we were fortunate to be able to hire local crews – in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

The remaining interviews were videotaped in Toronto and Ottawa, under the supervision of Producer and Director Eduarda Martins, and Camerman Michael Thiessen. Editing and post production were done by Eduarda, Michael, and Jim Deeks at Mike’s edit suite at Foreground Image Inc. in Toronto.  (Additional camera work was provided by Peter Turek.)

On most “shoots”, makeup and photography were handled by Jennifer Wood.  That’s Peter and Mike standing, Jennifer and Eduarda sitting, in the photo above.)

But CANADA FILES would not exist without the encouragement, support, and promotion of Kathryn Larsen, VP of Broadcast Services; Nancy Hammond, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; and Donald K. Boswell, President and CEO, at WNED-TV, Buffalo. We are grateful beyond words to WNED for having the vision and enthusiasm to make CANADA FILES a reality.

We also appreciate the use of WNED’s downtown Toronto studio facility!

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