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Even though we’ve been neighbours, allies, partners, supporters – and above all, friends – for well over 200 years, I venture to say that most Americans don’t know as much about us Canadians as we do about them. And that’s perhaps a bit understandable. After all, we’re the people who send all that snow and cold down to the lower 48, starting every November. It’s easy to just want to ignore us.

But a couple of years ago, one particular American gentleman said some things that kind of hurt our feelings a bit. Something to do about our cross-border trading relationship, and suggesting that maybe we were taking advantage of American goodwill.

Well, as someone who’s spent a lot of time with Americans, and in America, and studying American history and politics, it seemed to me that we would never take advantage of a relationship that we hold so dear. And that, maybe it was time that we Canadians reminded our good friends that we’re not only nice people, but that we’ve got a lot of smart, talented, successful people who were born and raised in our country.

Friends, many of them now live in your country. You may not know they’re Canadian, but once you find out, you wouldn’t be surprised that they’re Canadian because, like all of us, they’re just… well, nice.

So I decided that maybe it’d be a good idea to interview a select few of these Canadians, here in Canada, and a couple in the U.S., and let you get to know them.

I was absolutely thrilled when my friends at WNED-TV in Buffalo, NY, said they’d broadcast the series. And not only that, promote it to all their PBS affiliate stations across the country.

CANADA FILES has taken two years to conceive, produce, and finish. Broadcasting starts in February, 2020, and 13 episodes will run weekly, hopefully on a PBS station near you.

Each week, following initial broadcast, we’ll upload the latest episode here on the website… for you to enjoy if you missed it on-air, or to enjoy again.

Thanks for watching!

Jim Deeks
Executive Producer and Host

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